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About Us

Date of Incorporation: 1999
White Wash Sdn Bhd has had one goal – to provide you with a clean, safe place for you and your customers through consistent delivery of our quality cleaning services.

Company Overview

Our Mission

Our Challenge

To enhance further our objective to be the most capable and technically advanced providers of commercial cleaning services and facilities in the country.

Our Business

To provide the best commercial cleaning and to remain the top of the commercial cleaning industry.

Our Customer

Our clients are our personnel and assets, for they are our greatest resources.

Our Shareholder

Will want protection and enhancement of their investment.

Our Bottom Line

To behave in an aware and responsible manner and to demonstrate a clear understanding of environmental issues.

Our People

Knowledgeable, innovative ,and caliber. We always maintain a high level of morale and loyalty and rewarding people accordingly.

Our Wisdom

Building the pillar of strength with guiding principle from God.

Core Values

People are our greatest assets and greatest resources

Customers are our highest priority

Clear understanding of environmental issues is our responsibility

Innovation and technology are our competitive edge

Performance is the key to winning

Highest-rated and most trusted commercial cleaning services in Malaysia

No 12&12A, Jalan 43 Selayang Baru, 68100 Batu Caves , Selangor.

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We help you with all your cleaning and janitorial needs so you can focus on important business and your customers.